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Driving for a long time since 2012 as an independent drivers to Pamir Highway and in Kyrgyzstan, we have gained an enormous experience in providing transportation services. Our knowledge about activities and experiences business was constantly improving by serving every consumer for eight years in a row. Finally all our struggles led us to establish a 4WD rental company in Kyrgyzstan with the main three services.


  1. Renting of self-drive 4WD SUVs without driver in Kyrgyzstan
  2. Hiring of local drivers to Pamir Highway
  3. Road trip suggestions and accommodation booking 

We mostly focus on off-road vehicle rental in Kyrgyzstan without driver and tours to Pamir Highway with local drivers between Dushanbe and Osh. We believe in simple and high-quality service so we do not have fancy procedures to organize a life-time trip to the Roof of the World and to Kyrgyz Republic while our priorities are safety of our guests and their satisfaction.



We have gathered professional and enthusiastic team of drivers who are motivated and  we know each of them personally very well. Some of them have intermediate level of English and the rest are constantly trying to improve their language skills. Yet it is exactly one of our important requirements for our drivers to Pamir Highway along with the vital driving capabilities. The personality, driving capabilities and communication skills of all our drivers have been checked and interviewed for competency. Safe and careful driving in tough and mountainous areas is essential so the only vital skilled drivers are supposed to take you to the journey.


We guarantee competitive prices and convenient terms for travelers. We have same model fleet of 4*4 SUVs that our drivers use for long haul tours. We offer identical jeeps that we own ourselves because we already know these cars as reliable travel companions.


All our rental jeeps are insured with THIRD PART LIABILITY within local insurance company here in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. This insurance covers beyond 300 USD damage to the car and our prices include insurance coverage for per day rental. We love clarity and no hidden charges. As per our renting contract and insurance policy we keep 300 USD as a deposit at the moment of handover, this amount will be given back right after the trip if there is no exterior and interior damage.
In case of broken car we take responsibility to navigate your actions or substitute to other vehicle within adequate timeframe. But it is customers responsibility to adhere basic inspection procedures of the car and accurate driving in order not to damage company’s property.

More information written on renting contract. Renting contract available upon request.


This Pamir Highway itinerary is the most popular among others. Travelers can visit Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan at once. Pamir Highway also known as M41 famous for its high altitude passes, Martian landscapes and lakes. Highway from Osh to Dushanbe is considered as second highest highway in the world. On the way travelers can overnight at a Yurt Camp at the foot of Lenins Peak. Drive through highest passes like Taldyk and Ak-Baital (4500m). Visit the shores of mysterious and highest located lakes in Central Asia Kara Kul lake and Bulunkul lake. Not only the wild nature and mountains are attractive but also a cultural experience is amazing as well. Eastern Pamir is populated with Kyrgyz. They are nomads with reputation of oldest ancient nation. Guests can overnight at their Homestays where they can experience the local life style and dishes.  Going further you will go through Wakhan Corridor.  People who live there are Pamiri. They have unique architecture in building their houses. Visit ancient Qakhka Fortress and Bibi Fatima Hot Spring. Going close to the Afghan border you can witness of caravans and Afghan bazaar in Ishkakshim.

Roads dotted with poor condition and most of the journey is light off-road. Highest point is 4500m high.

Destinations from Osh to Dushanbe or vice versa. 

  • Lenins Peak Yurt camp
  • Taldyk Pass
  • Ak Baital Pass
  • Kyzyl Art pass
  • Kara-Kul lake
  • Bulun Kul lake
  • Wakhan Corridor
  • Qakha Fortress
  • Nurek water damb
Pamir HW itinerary
Scenic Pamir HIghway

Scenic 8-10 day Pamir Highway itinerary